Buy Safe Pokemon Go Account to Prepare for Buddy Pokemon System

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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games, as we know. Replying on the roll, Niantic has decided to add a new system, Buddy Pokemon, to push the game to another peek. If you want to join in the game, you can buy safe Pokemon Go account from Pokemonbux to get a start.




Buddy Pokemon System will hit the shelves this fall

Many players may feel familiar with Buddy Pokemon System now. Generally speaking, this system will allow players to pick their favorite Pokemon from the collection to become the buddy. Buddy Pokémon will appear alongside the Trainer avatar on the profile screen, and it can gain extra rewards and experiences, such as awarding Candy for walking. Certainly, players can be able to change their buddy pokemon at any time.
But it’s pity that there is no tiding about whether the Buddy Pokemon can capture other Pokemons or not. The new system will hit the shelves this fall. At that time, everything will be clear.

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