Neverwinter Item Level Tips at Level 70

swtor4credits Date: Nov/28/16 04:27:42 Views: 1255

When you just hit level 70, and just want to increase item level. Then in this page, there are tips on what you should do to increase item level.

Typically, get drow pants and shirt, artifacts. research what artifact equipment is best for your class and see if you can get it cheap on the AH. Here is just what to do with Cleric class. 

Neverwinter Item Level tips

Basic thing you should do is to up your enchants - rank 7 is easy and cheap Armour - dusk x2 and frostborn/warborn x 2 Artefacts up to a least epic +1/+2 rings blue ones (drop from demonic he, dwarven throne etc) Main and off hand to epic. Armour enchantment, weapon enchantment, Artefact neck to epic, Artefact belt to epic. As a result, you probably get around 2.5k. A guild will help with most of that stuff. If you have ebough AD then bust the auction house. The enchants and armour can be picked up with tradebars (from lock boxes). From there you can join the epic dungeons and trial to grind for better rings etc.

If you have trade bars, get the dusk gear and level 7 enchantments from the trade bar store. If not, any green gear can replace with blue from the auction house with cheap price. Then work on your boons, sharandar is easy now and tyranny of dragons from protector's enclave, then dread ring and maze engine, then wod. Boons won't help you get into the dungeon but will keep you from dying so much and getting completely carried. Also try to read a guide for all of the dungeons, if you don't know the mechanics of ELOL or the Shores bosses, you're going to have a bad time.

Getting the Dragon's Hoard Enchantment in all your utility slot is the way to go. It can help you get item level up.