SWTOR Loading Screen Holidays in the Old Republic

swtor4credits Date: Nov/11/13 16:12:52 Views: 936

Any veteran MMO player is probably well-versed in MMOs adding some sort of in-game event around a number of real life holidays, with World of Warcraft having an entire meta-achievement for doing the vast majority of their events and rewarding players with the ugliest purple protodrake for their efforts.

Plenty of top-of-the-line MMOs trot out their spooky gear and events around this time of year, some games giving it altered names, other games straight up calling them Halloween, and one game already published its Halloween-ish lore last year and isn’t even due to release until next year. As players, we expect to see various pop culture holidays in our games, no matter how cheesy or great of a stretch to bring it in that it might be. We like the rare drops, grump about the grinding for tokens for the vendors, but we still often drop what we’re doing to participate because we like celebrating holidays.
It’s far easier to get away with such things when it’s an original intellectual property, but even some games with Serious Business IPs tend to make an effort to do in-game holiday events. Take Lord of the Rings Online for example. While most of the holidays mentioned in the lore involve the Shire and simple things such as Lithe (midsummer) and Yule (winter), they jumped on the Halloween bandwagon with their Haunted Burrow and rare drops such as the Aged Deed that nets you a Painted Skeleton Steed. The gear this character is wearing is clearly Halloween-themed, although named Autumn whatever – the top hat is from the Yule Festival – and the Burrow itself is decorated as a haunted house.
In Star Wars, there aren’t too many holidays that are discussed beyond the infamous Life Day. Even Wookieepedia doesn’t have too many entries for holidays, most of them relating to the Tapani Sector.   That isn’t to say that BioWare couldn’t make up holidays based on its original material, such as an Emperor’s Day, but there’s probably one huge reason why we don’t see too many in-game holiday or holiday events: everything would have to be approved by Lucasfilm. In fact, I’m a bit surprised the following item was granted approval, including the horrid pun.