SWTOR Marauders will suck but Operatives will not

swtor4credits Date: Nov/11/13 15:23:51 Views: 567

Recently, I switched from an Annihilation spec on my Marauder to a Carnage spec because overall DPS in Carnage exceeded Annihilation's.
Despite the RNG necessary to maintain the high DPS for Carnage, it always outshined Annihilation because the buffs necessary to maintain consistent DPS would always drop during boss battles. Even though I don't know Carnage as well as I do Annihilation, I can tell you that I'm outputting about 100 to 200 more DPS just by switching specs.
However, update 2.5 might change this a bit, causing me to switch back to Annihilation. The two buff that help maintain the high level of DPS will receive a 15-second extension to their cooldown, and the Juyo buff will be applicable once per second instead of every second and a half. If you've watched my raid night streams, you've seen me lament over losing these buffs just before Titan 6 lands, and I have to rebuild the stacks.
At first, it appears that being able to grant an AoE buff to all team members from Bloodthirst within 40 meters of you is a wonderful boon. When we built groups in raids before, we had to make sure that I was grouped with the DPS that would be most effective when receiving the 15% bonus to damage.
After 2.5, it won't matter which group I'm in; the whole raid will be buffed. Sounds great, right? However, the whole raid will receive a debuff that will prevent raid members from being buffed from Bloodthirst again for five minutes, which is the duration of the cooldown for that ability.
This means any given raid group will need only one Marauder. Our group, which has two, will have to weigh the overall DPS of having a second Marauder versus having another DPS class entirely. Although I don't foresee one of us being cut from the group, our overall effectiveness will absolutely be hampered.